​Model:                          GT3 race car

Engine:                       The 6.3-liter V8 high-revving naturally-aspirated engine stands our for:

                                     - user-friendly technology

                                     - enhanced efficiency

                                     - extended running time (rebuild after 20,500 kilometers) for reduced running costs

Gearbox:                    newly developed six-speed racing transmission

                                     - even quicker gearshift

                                     - differential preload adjustable from the outside

Bodywork:                  Consequent application of the ‘AMG Lightweight Performance’ strategy:

                                     - aluminum space frame construction with optimized repair solutions

                                     - roll cage of high-strength steel

                                     - full carbon bodywork

Aerodynamics:           The efficient aerodynamics lead to reduced drag with high downforce

Chassis:                       -multiple-adjustable suspension with double wishbones made of aluminum and steel

                                     - competition brake system with adjustable ABS and traction control

                                     - 18" AMG forged light-alloy wheels

Driving                                - excellent driveability, which is also one of the characteristics of the SLS AMG GT3

characteristics              - enhanced precision  

                                     - precise feedback

                                     - quick confidence in the car (excellent for professionals and gentlemen drivers)

Technical                          The final technical specifications depend on the Balance of Performance and


specifications                  will be communicated once the homologation process has been finalized. 

Options                             individual paintwork bodywork

                                               - air conditioning

                                               - endurance specifications

                                               - Nürburgring specifications

                                               - IMSA specifications